Welcome All

We are an information clearing house about our region for any of the Barrett or Hargon clans wanting to visit.  Several already have, including some from County Cork and County Mayo, the 'Old Sod' in Ireland.   We're looking forward to helping any others that want to stop by for a visit.

Tourist opportunities

Everyone has heard about the Mardi Gras!  Fat Tuesday, Carnival!  Parades, street parties and 'Throw me sumthin Mista'.  That's just the tip of the tentacle as it were.  Louisiana is called the "Sportsman's Paradise" for a reason.  The hunting and fishing are unbelievable here.  There's seafood galore, shrimp, crab, crawfish, (yes, I know.  Most people call them bait.  Here, we call them lunch).  Bass, speckled trout, redfish, drum, tuna, turtle, alligator, and yes, there is something primitive about eating a creature that would eat you if given half a moment of inattention on your part. 

Living History

The stories of the people and places here fill volumes.  New Orleans alone has had over 400 history books written about it.  French and Spanish influences predominate, but there's a place in New Orleans called 'The Irish Channel' and on St Paddy's Day, the parade throws cabbage and potatoes to the crowds

The Bayou Barretts